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    Are You A Good Listener?

    08.20.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

    Are you a good listener? The Ninevites were not good listeners. They were people who lived in the capital city of Syria, which was named Nineveh. The Ninevites were ruthless, self-centered, heathen people who waged war, and then cruelly treated...

      When You Feel Left In The Dark

      08.12.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      Suppose you have to make a big decision, but you feel like you were in the dark. You don’t know what to do. You feel uninformed. You can’t see the light because you don’t have enough information. Maybe you previously made a bad decision. You...

        Pride Makes You Lose Big Time

        07.29.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        G. Gordon Liddy was a Watergate conspirator during President Richard Nixon’s scandal, that ousted Nixon from the White House. When Liddy was released from prison for the crime he committed, he said, “I have found within myself all I need and all...

          Can You Keep It A Secret?

          07.22.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          Henry J. Heinz was the creator, and owner of the H. J. Heinz Company, which produced over 60 different types of food. Heinz was best known for creating Heinz Ketchup, and the company slogan, “57 Varieties.” When this wealthy man’s will was read...

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