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We all grow in our relationship with others when we spend time talking with them. The same concept is true in our relationship with God. We need to take time in prayer to communicate with God each day. There is not one right way to pray or a secret formula for the best prayer, God just wants to hear from you. Below is one model for prayer that we have found helpful, we call it the ACTS model.

Adoration – Start by recognizing and acknowledging the greatness and goodness of God. Starting with a heart full of worship reminds you just who you’re praying to and what great power He has to answer your prayers.

Confession – Confess your sin to God. Tell God you’re sorry for where you’ve fallen short and ask God’s forgiveness and help to do better next time.

Thanksgiving – Thank God for working in your life and for all of His blessings. If you aren’t seeing them, start small – thank God for the sunrise, for a pretty flower you see, for the food on your table. As you begin to look for blessings, you’ll be amazed at just how many you’ll find.

Supplication - Ask God for your specific requests for yourself and others.  As you pray, prepare your heart to accept God’s response to these prayers. Know he may not answer in the way you expect or wish, but he will answer in his way, in his timing, and to his glory. Submit your heart to God – “not my will, God, but yours be done.


Worship is declaring the greatness of someone or something. It is the act of giving up your own glory to instead give glory to a thing or person you believe is more worthy of that glory. Believers participate in both private and corporate worship and both are necessary for our spiritual growth.

  • We participate in corporate worship when we come together in our weekend services to glorify God by singing His praises, hearing the word of God and encouraging other believers.
  • We also participate in private worship in our homes. This is when we set aside time to reflect on the greatness of God and to praise Him with our personal songs and prayers. Christians should participate in regular private worship in order to continue our spiritual growth.

Bible Study

Bible study should be both individual and corporate.

  • It is important that you have regular times of personal bible study or devotions where you read God’s word and ask Him to speak to you. One tool we have found particularly useful is the Read Scripture App. You can download it on your phone and it walks you through a daily bible reading plan that includes helpful introductions and explanations at the beginning of each book of the Bible.
  • Taking a class is a great way to meet others and grow more in your understanding of the Word of God. Crossroads offers classes on a wide range of topics. Click here to view all the classes we are offering at this time. 

For a deeper and systematic study of the Bible, please check out Crossroads Bible Institute and SEU at Crossroads which is our Partnership with Southeastern University.

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