Pride is the Root of Stinking Thinking


    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18


    Here is a quiz for you to take:

    1. Question: What is the middle letter of “PRIDE?”
               Answer: “I”

    2. Question: What is the middle letter of “SIN?”
               Answer: “I”

    3. Question: What do you have?
               Answer: "ST I NKING TH I NKING"

    In November 2012, a young college student, named Hannah, got arrested because of her stinking thinking. She told her mother that she had the best day of her life. On YouTube she boasted that she was a “Chick bank robber” who had stolen $6000 from a Nebraska bank, and a car, in order to pay off her college financial aid, and go on a shopping spree. What an example of how powerful stinking thinking is. She convinced herself that her plan could work. Hannah’s thoughts led to stealing, which made her a criminal, that led her to jail. Her pride produced her destruction. Her pride created in her a haughty spirit that led to her fall.

    Proverbs is a book filled with short statements of Godly wisdom and advice. It focuses on understanding the importance of having reverential fear; [Proverbs 1:7], which leads to Godly wisdom and thinking for making decisions in life.

    Proverbs identifies that there is one thing that produces stinking thinking. Pride is the root. The word “pride” or its various forms, appears at least 14 times throughout the book. Proverbs 4:23 states, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” To guard your heart, just take a look at the power of pride:

    1. Pride hides sin – Proverbs 29:23
    2. Pride misguides the mind – Proverbs 8:13
    3. Pride is a ride leading to destruction – Proverbs 16:18, 25
    4. Pride sides with you rather than wisdom – Proverbs 11:2
    5. Pride blindsides you – Proverbs 13:10
    6. Pride is a tide that overpowers – Proverbs 18:12
    7. Pride is so wide – Proverbs 16:5, 21:4, 24

    To live well you must learn to think well. To think well, you need to study the verses in Proverbs that have the word “Wisdom.” Why? Because it is wisdom that will keep you from stinking thinking.


    Look up all the verses that have the word “Wisdom” in the book of Proverbs. Write out one or two of these verses in your cell phone, or write them on little cards so that you will be able to memorize them and meditate on them.


    Heavenly Father, help me to guard my heart from stinking thinking. I want to learn to make wise decisions rather than foolish ones. Teach me Your wisdom and ways. AMEN.


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