Who do you know who does not lie?

by Rev. Jack Richards on January 26, 2024


Who do you know who does not lie? 


"This letter is from Paul, a slave of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ. I have been sent to proclaim faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know the truth that shows them how to live Godly lives. This truth gives them confidence that they have eternal life, which God - who does not lie- promised them before the world began." Titus 1:1-3 NLT  


Lying is prevalent within our society. Check out information sites on the internet which show lying is a common human tendency. “Ted Talks” have many people speaking about this issue. Statistics indicate most people lie 1 to 2 times every day. People are told 10 to 200 lies a day. 

A University of Massachusetts study revealed 60 percent of people lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation. On average, people told 2 to 3 lies.  

It appears lying is what most people do. In case you are wondering how this can be then understand what lying really is. The FBI says there are 5 types of lies people tell:  

  1. Denial
  2. Omission   
  3. Fabrication  
  4. Minimization   
  5. Exaggeration  

So, the question can quickly be asked, “Is there anybody out there who tells the truth? Who can I believe?”  

The Apostle Paul clearly said in his letter to Titus that God does not lie. In no way is God untruthful, fickle, or unreliable. He cannot be insincere, indifferent, or inconsistent. What God says can be believed today, tomorrow, and every day to come because God cannot lie. Read the above Scripture focus. God is a promise keeper and never will be a promise breaker. Elsewhere in the Bible it states this truth. See Numbers 23:19 and Hebrews 6:18. 

Think about the ramifications IF GOD COULD LIE. Someone put it this way: 

The Bible says, “God is light.” [1 John 1:5] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could lead you out of darkness today and leave you in it tomorrow.        

The Bible says, “God is love.” [1 John 4:9,16] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could love you today and turn on you tomorrow. 

The Bible says, “God is greater…” [1 John 3:20; 4:4] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could give you wisdom today and tell you foolishness tomorrow.  

The Bible says, “God is faithful.” [ 1 Corinthians 10:13] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could save you from temptation today but lead you into it tomorrow. 

The Bible says, “God is for us” [Romans 8:31] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could be for us today and against us tomorrow.  

The Bible says ,“God is really among you.” [1 Corinthians 14:25] IF GOD COULD LIE, He could promise to show up for you today but skip tomorrow when you need Him. 

God cannot lie to you. It is totally against His holy nature. You will never experience God denying, omitting, fabricating, minimizing, or exaggerating the truth. What Paul is saying is that God is truthful. [see also John 3:33] All truth leads to God-like living. Man’s greatest achievements are made by living for God. All truth gives confidence of eternal life. Man’s hope for the present and future comes from God who cannot lie.  

Now there are 2 questions everyone needs to ask and 2 answers everyone needs to give:  

  1. Do I trust Jesus Christ, the living God, to be my Savior?  
  2. How far will I trust Jesus with showing me how to live my life? 


Here are some things to ponder for the next few hours. 

MEANING OF LIFE                                If God could lie 
                                                               We might as well cry 
                                                               For what is life’s purpose 
                                                               How can we know why? 


REALITY OF HEAVEN                          If God could lie, 
                                                              We might as well sigh 
                                                              For heaven may not be real 
                                                              Where we were to fly  


LIFE’S END                                              If God could lie, 
                                                                 We should all just say good-bye 
                                                                 For eternal life may not follow 
                                                                 And we may just die 


GOD’S PRESENCE                                   If God could lie, 
                                                                 We may ask, “Why try?”
                                                                 For God may not be God 
                                                                 Who promised to be nigh 



Thank you, God, you do not lie and cannot lie. You are a Holy God. Thank you that I can trust you to tell me the truth, all the time.  Help me to allow You to show me every about living. AMEN! 

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