Who gets the credit when you are successful at something?

by Rev. Jack Richards on March 17, 2023


 Who gets the credit when you are successful at something?


When the Queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relationship to the Lord, she came to test Solomon with hard questions.  1 Kings 10:1 NIV 


Orel Hershiser was a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers when his team won the World Series in 1988. He was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player and the World Series MVP. During the last game, a TV camera captured him moving his lips as he leaned up against the dugout wall. Later, when he was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show,  Carson asked him what he had been saying. Orel replied he was not saying anything so Johnny pressed by asking him what he was doing. Orel said he was singing. Johnny acknowledged he did not know his guest was a singer and invited him to sing. The MVP pitcher declined but the audience began to clap and cheer him on to sing. Finally, Orel began singing, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above the heavenly host,  praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” Johnny Carson was speechless and the audience was dead silent until one person stood to his feet, began clapping, and then the whole audience joined in. Orel Hershiser had just given credit to the One who deserved credit. The Most Valuable Player gave honor and glory to his most valuable relationship, the one true living God. He had clearly testified that God had given him abilities and, in addition, blessed him to achieve great success. Orel had taken his fame and praised God’s name.      

When I asked Google research how to receive an award and recognition, it directed me to first express gratitude and secondly demonstrate why I deserved this honor.  That is what most famous people do. They say, “Thank you,” and then proceed to explain why they deserve the glory and applause. Just look at the movie stars and music artists at the award ceremonies. Athletes quickly receive gold medals and awards by emphasizing their long, enduring hours of practice. Even Nobel recipients underscore they have devoted their personal life to the task at hand.  

I am always intrigued by famous people who give thanks to God when receiving accolades. Just watch people like Tony Dungy, Tim Tebow, and Candace Cameron Bure. They acknowledge that God is to be honored for their accomplishments.   

Who gets the credit when you win? When you achieve something, who is honored? Do you receive the glory or does God get the glory? 

The Bible says that Solomon was the wisest man to ever live. His success was world-known. The word on the street was that Almighty God was the reason for Solomon’s success. One thing that stands out is that Solomon made sure people knew that God was to be glorified for all that he accomplished. The Queen of  Sheba visited him because she heard about his success and how it was due to his relationship with God. [1 Kings 10:1] The Israelites knew their king was famous because of his wisdom but they also knew it was because of the name of the Lord.  

[1 Kings 3:28; 4:29-34; 8:23] Please do not overlook this fact. The wisest man was not only successful but very successful at connecting his fame to God’s name.  

Absalom tried to build a monument to himself so he would be remembered in the future. Solomon chose to build his character by asking God to give him discernment to govern/lead and to distinguish between right and wrong. [1 Kings 3:9,10,12] Which man is more talked about in the 21st century?  Solomon always made it clear that credit should be given to God and not himself.  

Who gets the credit when you achieve something?  Who is honored when you are successful?  Here is a truth that should never be forgotten. Connect your fame to God’s name. Don’t take credit without giving credit to God who has given you your skills and abilities. Honor God when you receive honor from people. Let people know that you believe that God is your Creator and has given you abilities and skills to achieve great things. Do as Solomon did. When you receive the applause and accolades, give God glory. He not only has given you abilities but also equipped you with talent beyond your capabilities. 

When you tell your story, give God the glory. Do not shun the public spotlight of appreciation. Instead, seize that moment to give thanks to God for blessing you with success. Nehemiah did just that. [ Nehemiah 6:1 to 7:73] Don’t forget about Gideon. Read Judges 7 to see how he learned that God is to get the credit for success.  

Great things happen when God is glorified and honored. You express humility which fights pride from taking root in your heart. You are publicly declaring life is not all about you. You draw attention to the one, true living God. People begin to reflect about their successes.


1. Where does life and breath come from? Read Acts 17:25.    

2. Where does everything that is desirable and beneficial come from? Read James 1:17.  


Lord God, you are my Creator and Designer. You have gifted me with talents and abilities. In addition, you have blessed me by helping me to do things I could never do. I am so grateful to You for any success I have experienced. I want You, Lord God, to get the glory from my life story. May people come to personally know You because I honor You.  AMEN!

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