Is God actively involved in your life?

by Rev. Jack Richards on September 08, 2023


Is God actively involved in your life?


At that time, I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish those who are complacent, who are like wine left on its dregs, who think, “The Lord will do nothing either good or bad.” Zephaniah 1:12 NIV 


An atheist claims there is no God. An agnostic claims there may be or may not be a divine power. A skeptic doubts the truth and value of there being a God. Then there is a deist who claims that God was involved in creation but is no longer involved in the world He created. He set the universe in motion and then left it. This can lead to a person believing what he wants and doing as he pleases. That is the essence of sin. 

Zephaniah was a prophet who preached to the Jewish people before a great revival took place under King Josiah. The Jewish people were leading sinful lives. The prophet knew that some of the people he was preaching to were deists. Look at today’s Scripture focus. In their hearts and maybe even with their mouths, people were thinking or saying that God was no longer involving Himself in their affairs. They were on their own. God created the world but had stepped away from doing anything. He neither helped nor punished them. People could do as they pleased. It was as if people were saying, “Life is what we make it. We are on our own. May the best man win.” 

As you read this entire book, you see that the Jewish people were contented to live in sin. They had become very indifferent to God. As far as they were concerned, God had left them alone and would continue to do so. Complacency characterized their lives. God was not going to punish them for sinful living. In reality, they had left God alone by turning away from Him.   

Has God abandoned this world since creation? People today could claim that the world would not be in a mess if God had not stepped away from being involved. Nations battle each other. At the time of this writing, there are currently 27 ongoing conflicts worldwide. Consider all the cultures that are colliding with each other. There is so much suffering, pain, inequality, poverty, and injustice. Does all the hate prove that God has walked away from His creation? 

God is very much involved in this world. And God can be involved in your life! He has not abandoned the world He created. Neither has He abandoned you! God is not a spectator, just watching man mess up. There are two reasons to believe this.  Zephaniah underscored the first one by describing what God will have to do some day because people abandoned Him: 

1.  God will someday hold people accountable. There is a day of judgment coming for people who ignore God, live as they please, and do what they want to do. “The great day of the Lord is near- near and coming quickly. Listen! The cry on the day of the Lord will be bitter…” [Zephaniah 1:14a] Read also Zephaniah 1:2,3 and 7. Someday God will judge man for not wanting to be saved from sin and for not learning how to love and be at peace with all people.   

The second reason which proves that God has not abandoned the world brings hope:  

2. God has proven He is actively involved in this world by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, from heaven into this sin-marred world. Why? To save man from sin and take him to heaven. Why? Because God loves people, His creation. God so loved everyone in the entire world, He gave His very best gift to save everyone who will believe. God does not want to judge you but save you. 

Almighty God is not passive, inactive, or ignorant of what is going on this world. He is not uninvolved in human affairs. God invites you to pray asking Him for anything according to His will. Why does He do that? Because God not only hears your prayers but answers them. He loves you. God will be actively involved in your life when you invite Him to do so. However, He will not impose Himself on you.  

Someday God is going to reward people who seek Him and judge other people who follow their own ways. The Bible says God will reward people based on their heart. Is your heart repentant or unrepentant? Read Romans 2:5-11. 

Certainly, God has not abandoned this world. Prayer moves God to become involved. Most certainly, God has not and never will abandon you. He loves you too much to do that. When you become a believer, He has promised He will never leave you, forsake you, or forget about you.


Why do you sometimes think that God has abandoned you? Do a Bible hunt. Find some verses which prove that God is with you all the time. 


Heavenly Father, I never want to become complacent. I need You in my life. Should I think You are not with me, remind me of past times as to how You have shown yourself great in my life. Thank you for making yourself real to me. AMEN! 

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