How much of your attention does God deserve?

by Rev. Jack Richards on July 28, 2023


How much of your attention does God deserve? 


For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals his thoughts to mankind. He turns the light of dawn into darkness and treads on the heights of the earth. The Lord God of Heaven’s Armies is his name!  Amos 4:13  NLT- New Living Translation   


Sir Isaac Newton [1642-1727] is famous for identifying the laws of gravity, the principles related to visible light, and the laws of motion. As well he and another person invented calculus. It’s important to note that this scientific genius strongly believed in divine creation. The story is told that an atheist friend came to visit Newton. The friend believed that the universe was not created by God but just happened. Newton showed him a model of the solar system. It was a precise replica of the heavens declaring the glory of God. [Psalm 19] The sun, moon and planets were proportionately sized and in place. Everything revolved around the sun. The atheist inquired, “It’s intriguing. Who made it?” Newton responded, “Nobody. It just happened.” [Ministry 127] 

Nothing just happens. Sir Isaac Newton believed that. Creation is not a result of coincidence. For every cause there is an effect. For every action there is a response. The earth, universe, and galaxies did not just coincidentally come together. The Bible never tries to prove the existence of God but clearly declares that God is Creator. The great genius, Newton, believed that God was the cause and earth was the effect. 

Only one God is worthy of your worship. He is the true God because only He created the heavens and the earth. Unfortunately, many people do not worship God for a variety of reasons. The prophet Amos knew the Jewish people had turned away from worshipping God because of their prosperity and power. In many ways this is similar to people living in wealthy nations today. Churches are empty, closing, and being sold. People have forgotten about God their Creator who gave them the ability to become prosperous.   

Amos challenged the Jewish people to come back to revering and honoring God, their Creator. 

God deserved their worship and praise. He gave five reasons. Today we need the same challenge. GOD DESERVES YOUR WORSHIP AND PRAISE.  Reread the above Scripture focus and note the five inescapable reasons that should motivate you to pray, read your Bible, and attend church.     

  1. God is the mountain shaper. Think of the Rocky Mountains in North America, the Himalayas in Asia, the Dolomites in northern Italy, or the Swiss Alps. God uniquely shaped all of them. God uniquely created the mountains just as He has uniquely created only one of you. 
  2. God is the wind maker.  He stirs up the winds by heating and rotating the earth. See Psalm 135:7; Matthew 8:26,27 
  3. God is the best communicator. He reveals His thoughts to mankind. God’s greatest revelation to man was when He sent His Son into the world as a human being. God longs for you to connect with Him.  See John 1:1-5; 3:16; Psalm 139:17,18; Isaiah 55:7-9.   
  4. God is the day/night coordinator.  He turns the light of dawn into darkness by making the earth rotate on its axis. You can wake up every day knowing it is a good day by the fact that God created it. See Genesis 1:3-5; Psalm 50:1; 113:3; 118:24; Isaiah 45:6; Malachi 1:11  
  5. God is everywhere and anywhere.  He treads on the heights of the earth. There is no place where God cannot be found. He is omnipresent. You cannot hide from the God who created and loves you. See Psalm 139:7-12.  

There is no one like God. He is incomparable. God cannot be defined or confined. He does not have to prove His existence in order to exist.  This is why Amos said, “The Lord God of Heaven’s Armies is his name!”  God Almighty has at His disposal all the heavenly angels. He can dispatch them everywhere and anywhere. Truly God is worthy of your praise and devotion. Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from having a vital, personal relationship with the mountain shaper, wind maker, best communicator, day/night coordinator, and God who is everywhere and anywhere.


  1. What do you need to do to give God worship and praise? In Amos 4:12, it instructs you to prepare to meet God? What can you to prepare to worship God every day?   
  2. What things, or even people in your life, prevent you from giving to God your worship and praise?  


Almighty God, I worship You. There is no one like You. I give you praise and honor! No one else can meet my deepest needs like You! Thank you, God, for inviting me to know You! AMEN   

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