Are You Meeting God's Desires?


    What do you give to God in return for what He gives to you?




    Have you ever received a gift you did not want? Perhaps it was for your birthday, or Christmas. Someone gives you a clothing item which they really like, but you do not want. 

    Have you ever received a gift that you know is really not given from the heart, but out of necessity? Someone feels obligated to give you something, but not something that truly expresses appreciation, or endearment. It is almost a payment rather than a gift. It may be given out of obligation. 

     If you identify with either scenario I just mentioned, then be encouraged, because sometimes God feels that way. Often, we give God what we want, rather than what He wants. We hope that what we give Him will be acceptable, but we really do not want to truly consider what God would really like to receive from us. 

     In Hosea 6, God felt this way toward the Jewish people. Their worship and love for God was hit and miss, sometimes on, sometimes off, up and down, like a thermometer and as changeable as the weather. God told them that their love, “vanishes like morning clouds and disappears like dew.” [Hosea 6:4b.] They had broken covenant with God and had become unfaithful, rebellious and wicked, by pursuing their own gain at the high cost of other people’s lives, following ungodly people and involving themselves in very unholy practices.  

     ARE YOU MEETING GOD’S DESIRES? The Jewish people were not. What does God desire from people? He is merciful, just, faithful and His love never ends. Is God’s desire unreasonable, or even impossible? Hosea 6:6 provides a clear answer. Read it again in the above Scripture section. God said, “I don’t want your sacrifices - I want your love. I don’t want your offerings - I want you to know Me.” [Living Bible.]  

     Do not try to pay off God with actions and money that reflect nothing of your heart. God sees your heart. He knows your most inner secret thoughts. God is aware of whether you are truly worshipping Him, or paying your dues to cover your bases. He knows if you have a reverential fear, or terrifying fear. You may be fooling yourself by tithing, or giving a big monetary offering thinking that God will bless you. Maybe you put in hours of service at your church thinking this is the key to God’s answering your prayers. Nothing is farther from the truth. You cannot give what you want to give to God and then live the way you want to live. The Jewish people were learning this the hard way. Are you going to follow in their footsteps? 

     God loves you unconditionally. What He wants is for you to love Him. What did Jesus Christ identify as being the Greatest Commandment? It was not being good, doing good deeds, or giving your time and treasures. Hear Jesus’ words: “The most important commandment is this: ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”’ [Mark 12:29,30.] God does not want your stuff, your wealth, or your time. He wants your love! God wants you to know Him in a very personal way!  

     Will you give God a faithful love, rather than religious duty? Will you commit to knowing God, rather than going through the motions? Give God what He desires. Give Him an unwavering love, not a sacrifice. Truly know God, instead of doing things for God.  

     Make this commitment. Love God today. Love God tomorrow, more than yesterday. Know God today. Know God tomorrow, more than yesterday. Love God and know God more than words could ever say.


    You need some quiet time to reflect. ARE YOU MEETING GOD’S DESIRES? Is your love for God consistent and growing? Do you acknowledge Him as the Lord of your life in every way?  


    Heavenly Father, I love You and worship You and bow down before You. You are my Savior and Lord. I choose to meet Your desires rather than trying to show worship and love on my terms. Forgive me for sometimes doing religious things rather than truly loving You. I know that You are forgiving and faithful to me. Today I choose to make my relationship with You my number one priority. AMEN!  


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