When You Feel Left In The Dark

    Suppose you have to make a big decision, but you feel like you were in the dark. You don’t know what to do. You feel uninformed. You can’t see the light because you don’t have enough information. Maybe you previously made a bad decision. You...

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      Good Decision Making

      02.19.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      Are you a good decision maker? Do you think before you speak or act? Are you logical? Are you able to see the big picture when assessing the situation? How do you make sure that you are objective and not just subjective in your decision making?

        Be An A+ Christian

        01.29.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        Do you remember what it was like to receive an “A” or even an “A+” on a test in school? I remember because I didn’t get that many. It was exciting, motivating, and very rewarding when I came home with an “A” on my report card.



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