Developing An Attitude of Gratitude

    What will the cost be? It won’t be your time or money. It will be your, “self,” your selfishness, pride, envy, jealousy, self-centeredness, etc. As you continually kneel at the cross, you will find yourself exchanging all of the above for an...

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      Learning To Listen

      12.16.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      God has created you with two ears, and only one mouth, so that you will listen more than you speak. Speak less, and listen more. Learn to listen to God first, and others second. Learn to listen to God by reading His Word, and sincerely praying.

        God's Humor Built My Faith

        12.14.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        The fact is that faith in God is indispensable for living. You don’t do life well without having faith in God! Faith in God is absolutely necessary. It is the essential key to life, and death issues, pain, crisis, joy, and purpose, etc.

          The ABC's of Equality

          12.11.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          Can you imagine what the world would be like if people lived out THE ABC’S OF EQUALITY? It must start somewhere. The truth is that Christians are to live like their Savior Jesus Christ, which means that they must bring equality to the world by...

            Grace is Greater

            12.09.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

            Your question may be “grace is greater than what?” What God’s grace does for you is far greater than anything you can do for yourself, or what any person will ever do for you. Paul wrote to Titus who was leading a church in Crete. He wanted to...


              12.07.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

              Which authority do you like? Most people prefer to be their own authority. They prefer to live by their decisions and choices. They want to do what is in their best interests, or what makes them feel good. But there are other inescapable...

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