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    Give Your Nation the Best Birthday

    12.04.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

    Why not give your nation a birthday gift every Independence Day? Perhaps you may feel that is a silly idea because you give gifts to people, not things. Maybe you think your country should give you a birthday gift because you are a hard worker...

      Life's Greatest Wisdom

      11.24.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      I may not be as intelligent as I desire to be, but I do have the privilege of being wise. And, so do you! Allow me to explain why. Here is the reason; Life’s greatest wisdom comes from personally knowing Jesus Christ.

        Life's Greatest Peace

        11.20.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        The story is told of a man who traveled to the North Carolina mountains in order to spend a few weeks of summer vacation two years after the Civil War. He climbed a mountain and descended into a dense valley where he found an inhabited cottage...

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