Developing An Attitude of Gratitude

    What will the cost be? It won’t be your time or money. It will be your, “self,” your selfishness, pride, envy, jealousy, self-centeredness, etc. As you continually kneel at the cross, you will find yourself exchanging all of the above for an...

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      MYOB-- Mind Your Own Business?

      12.29.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      Mind God’s business. God is concerned about every person’s eternity. That is why He gave His Son to die on the cross for the sins of the world. A Christian will always invest in eternity. Invest in the eternal, not the temporal.

        Are You A Christian?

        12.25.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        Too often, people consider the label on something to be more important than the contents/item. The religious label you wear is not more important than the life-changing transformation Jesus Christ gives you. Are you a Christian?

          Setting Spiritual Goals

          12.21.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          Have you set any spiritual goals for yourself, and then made a plan outlining how to achieve them. This activity could greatly increase your spiritual growth. But remember, goal setting must be followed by disciplined action.

            Blood Purchased Your Freedom

            12.18.20 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

            You cannot buy forgiveness for your sin, and the empty life that you live. You cannot barter for it. And you cannot borrow, or steal forgiveness from a Godly person to pay the penalty for your sin. The only way to escape your darkness, and...

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