God Will Carry You If Need Be

    Unexpectedly, a friend of mine faced his darkest hour. His wife had gone into the hospital for a knee replacement. Complications developed and he was told she had cancer throughout her body giving her very little time to live.

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      Gratitude to God

      03.25.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      There is an old story told about a man who said to his wife one Thanksgiving morning, “I’m going to have a good day today.” “How are you going to have a good day today?” she asked. He replied, “Well, the best way to have a good day is to give...

        You've Never Looked So Good

        03.04.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        Do you ever feel insecure, or even worse, unloved? Does your self-confidence diminish under pressure? If so, then step back, take a breath and pause to reflect on how David treated Mephibosheth. Here is a picture of how God treats you.

          Ask the Right People

          02.26.20 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          When making a decision, we often seek the advice of people who will tell us what we want to hear. Suppose you want to buy an expensive item that you have desired for a long time. Probably you will consult with friends who already own the same...



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