Developing An Attitude of Gratitude

    What will the cost be? It won’t be your time or money. It will be your, “self,” your selfishness, pride, envy, jealousy, self-centeredness, etc. As you continually kneel at the cross, you will find yourself exchanging all of the above for an...

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      Good Decision Making #2

      02.24.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      What type of decision-maker are you? Do you usually make good decisions or bad ones? When a person is young, decision-making comes easily because it is limited to choosing between McDonald’s, or Chuck E. Cheese. As a person grows older, the...

        Shout To The Lord

        02.10.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        Have you ever wondered why the Bible instructs believers to shout to God? You probably know some people who like to shout, but most people prefer to quietly speak. God told the children of Israel to, “SHOUT TO THE LORD,” so that the walls of...

          How To Deal With Temptations

          02.03.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          The scripture texts listed are the ones Jesus Christ quoted to Satan. Jesus knew them well. He had memorized them. Implicitly, it can be said that He had meditated on them. Jesus was ready for any assault because He knew how to combat His enemy.

            Are You Jealous or Humble?

            01.27.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

            Human nature is such that people find it far easier to be jealous than to be humble. Do you have a tendency toward jealousy or humility? Numbers is the fourth book of the Old Testament. It is known as the wilderness story of the children of...

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