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    The Day of The Lord

    09.15.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

    What do you know about the future? How will the world end up? While giving his forecast, a weatherman omitted the word “showers,” which led him to make the following prediction; “There is less than 5% chance of tonight and tomorrow.” That grim...

      What To Do At Life's Lowest Points

      09.08.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      You may not want to admit it, but there will probably be more than one low point in your life. In fact, there may be times when your life will be so bleak, and you will feel so lifeless yet there is no apparent reason being evident. What is going...

        Become A Peace Messenger

        09.01.21 | Old Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        People are in desperate need of peace! Will you help meet this need? Too many people live in conflict. Perhaps they are not at peace with family, employers, neighbors, society and even themselves. Outer turmoil describes the way they live. Inner...

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