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    Now Is The Time

    10.26.21 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

    When should a person confess Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and Lord, and become a born-again Christian? The Bible is very clear! NOW IS THE TIME to get right with God.

      Go Ahead And Boast

      10.21.21 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

      Let people know who is number one in your life. Tell them the reason why you are alive, sane, and achieving things far beyond what you could ever have imagined. Let your family and friends hear from you about God’s blessings in your life. Give...

        Are You Saved? Part Two

        10.19.21 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

        Sometimes the storm comes so quickly, that all they can do is pray and ride it out. Other times, people know the devastation is coming, but choose to ride it out anyway. Many lives can be lost, and many times people need deliverance, safety, and...

          Are You Saved? Part One

          10.14.21 | New Testament | by Rev. Jack Richards

          ARE YOU SAVED? The next logical question is, “Saved from what?” When you ask the question, “Are you saved?” the question signifies there is a need for deliverance, safety, and a way to a better life

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