CORE stands for Community Oversight Reaching Everyone. CORE exists to help lead and serve the Crossroads community!

We are excited that you want to join us at this next level of leadership.  It is people like you who are willing to sacrifice and commit to serving others that enable Crossroads to achieve its Missions of serving God and man by reaching irreligious people and helping them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.   

CORE was created to focus the gifts, passions, and commitment of mature believers to provide pastoral care and discipleship to all members of the Crossroads family. CORE Leaders will serve at the altar, be actively involved in discipling others, provide pastoral care during times of hardship and be available to assist Crossroads Leadership in meeting the spiritual needs of the congregation when requested.    


  • Regularly attend Crossroads Weekend Worship Services and other church events. 
  • Serve at the altar at the conclusion of weekend services on a regular schedule. 
  • Seek out and disciple several individuals. This includes meeting pastoral care needs, helping people to take the next steps in their discipleship journey, connecting people to ministry opportunities and to other believers.  
  • Connect with people referred by Crossroads Leadership for the purpose of encouraging them to take the next steps in their discipleship journey and connecting them to ministry opportunities and to other believers. 
  • Pursue quarterly spiritual and leadership development opportunities through classes, selected readings or other development opportunities. 


  • Applicants must be currently serving as Participating Members. (click HERE to lean how to become a member)
  • Applicants must be leading in some capacity within the church. (EX: small group leader, ministry team leader)
  • Complete Pastoral Care Class. 
  • The applicant will complete the application and submit to the Community Care Department.
  • The Community Care Department will schedule the CORE interview.  


  • Once all these requirements are met, the CORE applicant will be presented to the Official Church Board for ratification.  
  • The Community Care Department will notify the applicant of ratification and welcome them to the CORE Team!

Our CORE classes cover the primary doctrines of the church and CORE members are required to complete the following 4 classes within 3 years of becoming a CORE member.
          1. Christianity Doctrine Fundamentals
          2. Small Group Leadership
          3. Network Serving Seminar
          4. Relational Evangelism


If you are already a CORE member, click the button below to access resources to support your role and continue your development.



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