Missionaries Around the World Supported by Crossroads



Patrick & Jeanne Collins // Rwanda

George Thomassen // W. Africa // Advanced School of Theology

Joel Charest // Angola


Doug Hollis // Indonesia

Scott Schesser // Japan

Larry Smith // South Asia

John & Brenda Flower // India


Steven Puffpaff // Jamaica

Central America

Dennis Seler // Latin America

Quentin McGhee // Faith & Action Latin America

Jose Alvarez // CCIF Missionary

KOL // Kitchen of Love

Daniel Klaehn // Nicaragua



Dan & Alicia Desrosiers // Madrid

David Goldschmidt // Scotland

Neil & Kathy Vanaria // Italy

Ashley Rivera // Italy

Bob Welch // Belgium

Samuel Brelo // Belgium

Rebekah Nichols // Romania

Jered & Danielle Dahlstrom // Romania

Tori Grosvenor // Czech Republic

South America

Stephen & Terry Ford // Peru

Selwyn & Lori Bodley // Peru

James Mazurek // Chile

David & Rose DiTrolio // Paraguay

Mike & Polly Brown // South America

United States

Michael Wiles // You Can Ministries

EHIM // East Hartford Soup Kitchen

Mary Goodale // CCIF Prison Ministry

Phil Lombardi // Inner City Outreach

Paul & Kathy Nufio // Chicago church plant


Youth Challenge

Melvin Erickson // Native Americans

Edward Vergara // Global UNIV

Richard & Emily Dargenio // Young Life

Family Institute of CT

United States // College Campus

Gilbert & Lindsay Banton // Chi Alpha UConn

Andrew Cunningham // CHI Alpha

Rob & Sarah Malcolm // Chi Alpha Yale

Richard & Carol Cossett // International Students


Brent Grosvenor // Lights Up Ministries

CCIF Missionaries

Bruce Braithwaite // Life Publishers

The Gideons Int’l Bible

Sensitive Areas

Please also join us in praying for over 15 missionaries Crossroads supports in sensitive countries.


We are here to answer your questions. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Pastor Kendra Key


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