Crossroads Kids is a ministry for children, birth through 6th grade, happening during all our weekend services.

Our mission is to support the family in the spiritual development of their child so that the child can develop a personal and growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. To accomplish this we use relevant Bible teaching, music, group discussion and age-appropriate activities to help kids connect with the God who loves them. 

At Crossroads Kids we believe the Bible is exciting and life changing, worship needs to be energetic and put our focus on God, and kids ought to feel safe and welcomed.

Our desire is for kids to fall in love with God and learn: God is real and loves us, God’s Word is practical, relevant, and applicable to our lives, God gives us wisdom, we can talk to God, we were created for a purpose, and we should build Godly relationships with others.

NURSERY (BIRTH THROUGH AGE 1) - Currently Unavailable

Our Crossroads Kids Nursery is staffed with volunteers who love caring for babies. During each weekend service while the adults are enjoying their service the staff in the nursery sing songs, read stories, and play with the children. In a clean, safe, and fun environment the children learn they are loved. 

We would LOVE to relaunch our Nursery Ministry and Champion's Club! We're looking for volunteers to help us make that happen. If you're interested in serving please click HERE.

TODDLERS (AGES 2 AND 3) - Currently open for 3 year olds only

Our toddler classes have the same format during each service:

  • Play and Learn Time: children play dress-up, build with blocks, or create art with playdough but more importantly learn how to get along with others.
  • Song Time: children participate in fun, active praise songs.
  • Bible Time: the Bible is brought to life. Each month the children learn a new bible story and biblical truth.
  • Table Time: children create something that reinforces the Bible story, learn to give thanks to God, and eat a small snack.

Though the specific content of each element changes the children learn God loves them, God cares for them, and we should care for others.


Our Pre K and Kindergarten classes have the same format during each service:

  • Coloring Time: children color a picture that introduces the Bible story and when the staff and children get know each other.
  • Song Time: children participate in fun, prayerful, and active praise songs.
  • Story Time: the Bible is brought to life using pictures, actions, and videos.
  • Small Group Time: a small group of children sit with a leader to discuss the Bible story and have prayer time when children learn to talk to God,
  • Snack Time: when they learn to give thanks to God.
  • Free Play Time: when children play dress-up or build with blocks, or play house but more importantly learn how to get along with others. 

Though the specific content of each element changes the children learn God loves them, we can trust God, and we should care for others. 


Kids Church is a fun, high energy service for elementary age children. There are two basic elements each week: large group and small group.

  • Large Group: All the children are together. The worship team leads the children in praise and worship. Then a teaching team creatively tells the Bible Story using drama, video, or other entertaining and exciting methods. The team follows the story with object lessons and games designed to relate the point of the Bible story to their lives.
  • Small Group: Children meet in grade level groups of 8-12 kids. In small group the children get to know each other, discuss the Bible lesson, participate in an activity that reinforces the main point, and then pray together. This element allows children to learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives, fellowship with others and make friends, learn to talk to God, and understand they have been created on and for a purpose.


Child Dedication is a public commitment you make before God, your church, and your family. The dedication service is an opportunity for the parents to publicly express their desire to lead and spiritually nurture their child, with the help of the Holy Spirit.



We are here to answer your questions. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Pastor Robbie Jo Monahan

Michaela Credit


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