Senior Pastor

Bishop Terry Wiles & Lady Nita Wiles

Senior Pastor

Executive Team

Pastor Sean Wiles

Executive Pastor

Pastor Eliezer Perez

Director of Church Developmentoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 634

Kerry Snyder

Director of Human Resourcesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 629

Ministry Directors

Pastor Paul Delmadge

Director of Worship Artsoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 624

Pastor Brent Grosvenor

Director of Theatre Arts

Pastor Sterling Key

Director of Student Ministriesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 628

Pastor Marilyn Lopata

Director of Frontline Ministriesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 619

Pastor Luke Monahan

Director of IT & Small Groups, President of Crossroads Bible Instituteoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 635

Pastor Casey Perez

Director of Community Careoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 636

Pastor Bill Reimels

Director of Children's Ministriesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 625

Pastor Len Roberto

Director of Counseling & Benevolence

Brian Werhle

Director of Campus Operationsoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 601

Sandra Galiffi

Director of Productionoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 604

Kendra Key

Director of Communicationsoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 615

Amy Wiles

Finance Office & Executive Assistant to Ps. Sean Wilesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 611

Administrative Assistants

Derrick Baez

Administrative Assistant Student Ministriesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 632

Ariel Jacques

Administrative Assistant Children's Ministryoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 620

Sue Kuenzig

Administrative Assistant Community Careoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 627

Caron Rez

Administrative Assistant Frontline Ministriesoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 603

Sherisa Rivera

Administrative Assistant IT, Small Groups & Crossroads Bible Instituteoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 609

Katie Werhle

Administrative Assistant Campus Operationsoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 601

Anna Essick

Administrative Assistant Worship Arts & Productionoffice: 860-895-1231 ext. 623


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